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A key in the hand is empowering, particularly when it opens the world to you, as the key to a vehicle does. Perhaps you remember how it felt to hold the key to your very first car and the joy of knowing that now you can go anywhere, anytime – the open road is yours! But if you’ve encountered a problem with your car’s locks or ignition you may feel just the opposite. That is where Bend’s professional automotive locksmiths can step in and turn things around, whatever the car lock or key issue, putting the freedom and power back in your hand! A locksmith for cars is right around the corner!

Perhaps there are a mindful or very lucky few who will never experience being locked out of their car, but for the rest of us lifelong drivers, it’s inevitable that it will happen at least once. If your turn has come around, Bend is actually one of the best places for an auto lockout to happen. That’s because not far away is a friendly Locksmith Plus, Inc. car lockout specialist who makes getting you our of your jam quickly a priority. A call to us means you will be back into your locked car and on your way with as little inconvenience or stress as possible.
Just like with locking the keys in the car, losing the car keys can be just a matter of time when you live life on the go and have more important things on your mind – like hitting the slopes, the trail, the river or the rocks. Sometimes it’s just the price of living the active life of an adventure seeker – keys buried on Bachelor or sunk in the Deschutes – but we know it’s well worth it! No matter how your keys have been lost, or claimed by the Earth, Bend’s own Locksmith Plus, Inc. auto locksmiths can replace them, any time of day and anywhere you may need us. Unlike other lost car key replacement services, we exclude no make or model or even year from the list of vehicles we can serve.
If it’s your car’s ignition that is suddenly giving you a hard time you may be pretty concerned, and understandably so. First, you may wonder if there is anyone in town who can help you if it’s evening or the weekend. Perhaps you’re worried you’ll have to tow your car to a mechanic or the dealer. There is good news for you if your ignition is not accepting your key or turning or if the key is broken off inside – Locksmith Plus, Inc. of Bend is qualified to help you! Our professional automotive locksmiths meet you at your location 24/7 and can perform an auto ignition repair (or only if required, replacement) on site. This means no towing charges, no being stranded, no extra hassle or worry.

Comprehensive Automotive Locksmith Services

  • Vehicle Lock Out

  • Keys Locked Inside

  • Vehicle Key Replacement

  • Lost Car Key

  • Vehicle Ignition Repair

  • Replacement

  • Broken Key Extraction

  • Key Duplication

  • Motorcycle

  • Boat

  • Other Motor Vehicle Keys

  • Transponder (Chip) Keys

  • High Security (Laser Cut) Keys

  • Key Fob (Remote)

  • Car Key Programming

  • Security Alarm System